Pershing Law PLLC, Civel Rights, Elder Law, Mediation.

Areas of Practice

This firm has three basic areas of practice: civil rights law, elder law, and mediation of private and community disputes. But we also do plenty of other things.

• We represent individuals or groups of individuals with claims of unlawful discrimination in employment, housing, voting, and other activities, based on race, sex, disability or perceived disability, LGBT or familial status, national origin, religion and other illicit criteria.

• We occasionally work with prisoners challenging conditions of their confinement.

• We represent individuals and their family members in what’s come to be called “elder law,” meaning advice and counsel for seniors and others facing vulnerabilities or important decisions about guardianships, trusts, wills, advance directives, long-term care and late-life planning.

• We represent insurance policyholders who are running into trouble with their insurers, whether the policies deal with health, auto, home, disability or otherwise.

• We represent individuals, media organizations and academic institutions seeking government information under FOI and open government statutes.

• We mediate private or family matters as well as public or community matters, bringing people together to find their own solutions to difficult problems.

• We represent individuals and small businesses in a variety of other matters; our recent clients have included musicians, writers, and community radio broadcasters. And we always have an open ear for public interest cases that other lawyers might not take.

• We also co-counsel with out-of-area lawyers in federal and local courts in D.C., Maryland and Virginia.

See our “Contact us” page for some of the things you might like to ask us about. And if your concern doesn’t fit any of the above categories neatly, call us anyway at 202.642.1431. We will gladly refer you if we can’t help you ourselves.