Pershing Law PLLC - Civil Rights, Elder Law, Mediation.

Our philosophy

Our work is as high-powered and expert as you’ll find in many prestigious firms, but it runs on the personal values of a helping profession: devotion to individual clients as whole people, in the knowledge that the lawyer is the client’s servant, not the other way around; tolerance for the range of human emotion, and a purpose to provide calm reflection and help for pain; a keen conscience about the ends to be served; and a desire to make our corner of the world fairer and more liveable for all of us.

In civil rights we represent mostly plaintiffs, but we also offer our perspective to people and organizations who might be defendants, who want to do the right thing and are hoping to avoid trouble rather than simply react to it. In insurance matters we represent only policyholders, typically individuals seeking a fair hearing and resolution of their disputes with insurers. Our elder law practice aims to address thoughtfully and with care the most delicate and challenging of family circumstances as well as the predicament and needs of the elder him- or herself. And we are always eager for fascinating cases, especially on behalf of little people, in a variety of areas of the law.

We charge fees based on what the client can honestly afford, and no two of our representation agreements are the same. We do not charge for every tiny task or expenditure of time. Our invoices give detailed case updates as well as cumulative account statements. Our availability in person and otherwise is flexible and not limited to business hours or office visits. Over and over you will find that our practice is not primarily about making money.

We try hard to resolve matters short of litigation. In court we litigate tenaciously but civilly. We value remaining on decent terms with opposing counsel. We do not play “gotcha.” We do not take outrageous positions just to goad or fatigue an opponent or increase our own fees. We approach judges and court staff with deference and respect. We look to mediate or settle whenever possible, but will not waver as we pursue the fairest possible outcome for our clients in or out of court.

Above all, we try to give our work the kindest, most balanced treatment possible, and to take up our client’s causes with the vigor, the depth of inquiry and caring, and the humane detachment, that we believe will best help our clients find justice and improve the quality of their lives.